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Children and families

ENIGMA has something for the curious, for the playful, the childish, the serious, the complacent and those out of the loop. There is something for children and for those who still feel like children.

Family guide

At the museum's ticket office, you can collect a family guide that takes you through ENIGMA's exhibitions in approximately 30 minutes. Here the focus is on the children's experience and along the way you have to solve small tasks that playfully convey 400 years of communication history.

Children's area

Visit ENIGMA's children's area Teleportalen, where you will find an analogue playground that plays with the fascinating power of the screen. Here you can crawl, slide, type, send, write,draw and much more. You can also create your own stamp and get a completely personal stamp sheet. A stamp sheet with 36 self-adhesive stamps costs DKK 30 and can be purchased at the museum's ticket office.


Every weekend, ENIGMA invites you to recreate the inventions of the past with electronic building blocks. It happens in the museum's workshop, where you both go on a treasure hunt, play with new technology and build your own remote-controlled car. There is a limited capacity in the workshop and waiting time may occur. The workshop is open Saturday and Sunday at 11:00-16:00.

Arcade hall

Arcadeum is not just a historical exhibition about video games and gaming culture. It is also an active arcade, where you can play on the machines and gaming consoles of the past. Some machines are free to try, while a playcard gives you unlimited playing time on all the machines. A playcard costs DKK 50 and can be bought at the museum's ticket office.



It is not permitted to eat or drink in the exhibition ares. However, ENIGMA has a eating area where you can enjoy brought food. The area is available to all our guests and cannot be booked. For refreshments, you can also visit Brasserie Post with direct access from the museum. During the summer months the outside courtyard is open for service.


Strollers are welcome at ENIGMA, but not in the exhibition Communication in Crisis. Here you can park your stroller at the entrance to the exhibition.


A diaper changing table is located inside the toilets on the first floor only. Find more practical information

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