Opening October 1st 2022
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ENIGMA – Museum of Communication


Welcome to ENIGMA - Museum of Communication. At ENIGMA, we store Denmark's national collections within post and telecommunications and we hold Denmark's largest stamp collection as well as the country's most important specialist library within its field.

In February 2023, ENIGMA opened new exhibition areas and a large children's area, in which we are welcoming everyone.


"Communication pervades our lives more than ever before. With the digital channels, we are constantly accessible and can publish ourselves wherever and whenever we want. But despite the many great opportunities, the tide of information may often appear confusing, polarizing or hateful, and our public conversation is challenged.

Almost daily, we are presented with news about the spread of misinformation, leaked social security numbers or private photos that should not have been shared. As participants in this complex communications infrastructure, we need to be even more critical of the media and to understand the nuts and bolts of the communications technologies we use in order not to be used by them. In our coming exhibitions, ENIGMA grapples with these issues in a problem-oriented and empowering manner and we focus specifically on being relevant to children and young people.

In our exhibitions, we have worked with a sharp focus on guest involvement. We invite our guests to share their own experiences and in the exhibitions architecture we have set up spaces for conversation and debate. In these spaces of exchange, the guests will meet each other, the museum’s own experts and some of our many partners. For instance, children may learn to code with the help from After Now's volunteers, and if you want to test your innovation skills, you may visit our Makerspace where we experiment with developing technology." - Jane Sandberg, former museum director at ENIGMA