Opening October 1st 2022
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ENIGMA – Museum of Communication


ENIGMA is the museum for post, telecommunications and communication and has grown out of the old Post & Telecommunication Museum, which was located in Købmagergade. Today, the museum resides in the beautiful old post office on Øster Allé by theTrianglen on Østerbro.

ENIGMA offers three exhibition areas and a large children's area, in which we look forward to welcoming our guests.


ENIGMA is run by Post/Tele Museumsfond, founded in 1996 by TDC Group and PostNord with the aim of preserving and disseminating Denmark's communications history. At ENIGMA, we store Denmark's national collections within post and telecommunications and have Denmark's largest stamp collection as well as the country's most important specialist library in its field. TDC Group and PostNord continue to support the museum's operation. The museum receives no public support from either the state or the municipality. The museum has a board of 8 people with Lisbeth Knudsen as chairman. The museum's director is Magnus Restofte.

The museum has received funding for the permanent exhibitions from A.P. Møller Foundation, Augustinus Foundation, William Demant Foundation, Louis Petersen's Legacy andKnud Højgaard's Foundation.

The museum building is owned by the property company Jeudan, which has also contributed to the financing of the conversion and the financing of the building.

ENIGMA, in collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen, has established a Makerspace– a digital loop room – which is used by children and young people fromCopenhagen schools during school hours, and which is part of the exhibitions as an offer to all museum guests.

ENIGMA runs a Learning Lab where children and young people from all over the country can learn about e.g. technology, innovation, communication history and fake news.

ENIGMA, in collaboration with Coop, has since 2018 conducted more than 100 conversation dinners in grocery stores throughout the country based on ENIGMA's conversation menu.

As a partner with 24syv, ENIGMA has delivered one hour of radio every week; the program Extremely Online, which is about everything we love and hate about the internet -precisely our dream of technology as our servant, and our fear of technology as our subjugator. The program can also be heard as a podcast, where you normally find them. The partnership ended at the end of March 2024 after 95 episodes of Extremely Online.

Our name

The word ENIGMA is Greek and means riddle. Through our many activities at the museum, it is precisely our intention to contribute to the fact that we all become better at deciphering everyday communication riddles. At the same time, we are lucky enough to have an ENIGMA machine in our collection, which is the coding machine that was used during the Second World War - and brand new research has shown that our machine is the oldest in the world.