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Guided tours

Book a guided tour and let our museum hosts share their knowledge as they guide you through ENIGMA's exhibitions. Experience the technological breakthroughs of communication history and get a historical perspective on how communication technologies threaten us as a society and as individuals.

Where does the tour take place?

In our travels on the web, we are confronted daily with new stories about people and mechanisms that threaten us as society and individuals; often with communication technologies as weapons. But has it always been this way? Get the answer on a tour of the exhibition Communication in crisis.

How long is the tour?

A tour takes approximately 45 minutes, but the duration depends on your participation. The museum hosts love sharing their knowledge of the exhibition's themes and invite you to ask questions along the way.

When can I get a tour?

Guided tours are offered on weekdays at certain times. When you order the tour via our website, you have the opportunity to choose between available time slots on the desired day of the visit. For the sake of the guests' experience, only one group of guests can be shown around at a time. Book your tour

How many guests can I bring?

To give you the best experience of the exhibition, we recommend that no more than 20 guests take part in the tour. With that caveat, the group size can be expanded to 25 guests. If there are more than 25 guests, you will be divided into two or more groups, who will be shown around one after the other. If applicable, you must order several consecutive tours, each with a different time period. While one team is shown around the exhibition, the other teams can experience the rest of the museum on their own.

Can I book a tour and pay on the day of our visit?

Tours can only be ordered and paid for via our website. When you order the tour here, the time slot is automatically reserved for you and the museum host will be ready to receive you and your guests. Book your tour

Can I have a tour in English?

Yes. However, the museum host must know this in advance. Let us know after you have ordered your tour. Remember to state the date and time of your tour. Send us a message

Can I cancel my tour?

Cancellation of a booked tour must be notified to us no later than 72 hours before the start time of the tour. In case of cancellation, the price of the tour will be refunded by bank transfer. Cancel my tour



All guests must have a day ticket, which you can buy via our website or at the counter at the museum. If the number of guests is unknown, you can just order your guided tour and wait to buy the day tickets. Buy your day tickets

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