Here you can read about all the new activities, projects, and discoveries at Denmark’s only proper museum of communication.

Our field of operation is the Information Society and the transformative processes of our current day and age, combined with explorations into the past and a continuous probing of the unborn future. We will blog about digital and analogue media; visual communication and political manipulation; surveillance, information warfare, and protection of privacy and personal data. We will not let ourselves be intimidated by difficult questions or critical analyses of current developments in society or the technological realm.

We will also tell you about our work with the development of a brave new museum in the old postal office at the corner of Øster Allé and Blegdamsvej, in the posh Copenhagen borough of Østerbro. We consider it our mission as a museum of communication to deliver perspectives and generate meaning in the meeting between technology and intangible content. We communicate through hands-on, physical media, but the content that we convey is multifaceted and today largely incorporeal.

The blog will also serve as your window into our research department; a place where we share the stories, insights, eureka moments, and occasional frustrations that evolve in our daily work with the museum’s historical collections.

Basically, we blog about communication, yet what do we actually mean by “communication” – and what does it mean to us as human beings and society? How do we handle the challenges and possibilities that the digital revolution has brought about?

It is a blog about maneuvering and being a citizen in a changing world

A blog about you and your society.

So please enter and let yourself be drawn in by ENIGMA, our enigmatic and still partially unborn museum– which obviously is your museum as well!